Health, Fitness and PR

It’s been established these last couple months that I have a passion for health and fitness.  You may have also picked up on the fact that I’m majoring in public relations and hope to obtain a job in the field upon graduating this May.  (Yikes!)  Although I have lived and breathed PR for the last few years (freshman year wasn’t so intense), I’m still not entirely sure what type of PR I want to practice.  Let’s take a look at different PR jobs that involve my love of health and fitness.

Sports PR

I like sports, but I’ll be the first to admit I have difficulty carrying on an in depth conversation about any of them.  All those fantasy players out there – your knowledge of all the teams, players and statistics amazes me.  So, what exactly does being a sports PR practitioner entail?
Who they are
  • Sports PR practitioners are the communication experts who coordinate the flow of information to the press.  The PR team promotes the team to generate the publics’ interest and increase the team’s supporters. 

What they do

  • Some tasks may include writing press releases, organizing conference calls and creating game programs.  PR practitioners tend to work long, out of the ordinary hours.  If a sports team has an event, the PR team is there before, during and after.  Many sports PR practitioners tend to work seven days a week during season.

How much they make

  • It depends where you work.  Do you work for a local sports team or the NFL?  Average pay ranges from about $30 thousand to six figure salaries.

 For more information about sports PR, check out Sports PR Blog.

Healthcare PR

I’ve always had an interest in health, but I have also always had difficulty stomaching the medical field.  Perhaps working in the communications department of a hospital would be right up my alley.  Let’s see. 
Who they are
  • PR practitioners who specialize in healthcare PR are the internal and external communications exports for the healthcare facility they work for. 

What they do

  • Some responsibilities include interacting with physicians, nurses and administrators.  Many write for the hospital’s internal publications, handle media calls, create promotional materials and some even prepare marketing plans.   

How much they make

  • Healthcare is considered nonprofit.  Therefore, salaries tend to be lower than other specializations within the field.  The average annual salary is about $36 thousand.  Average salaries tend to range from $26 to $48 thousand.  Again, it depends on where you’re working and your exact position. 

If you’re interested in learning more about healthcare PR, check out Envisioning 2.0.

Sports and healthcare PR seem like the most obvious choice for someone who is interested in both PR and health and fitness, but I’m not entirely sold on these paths.  Sports PR entails some rough hours that would be fun while I’m young, but when I have a family it will be tough.  Healthcare PR sounds like a decent fit for me, too, but nonprofit work is difficult.  I’d be up for the challenge, but I think there might be another choice out there that may suit me a little better. 

A PR Agency could potentially combine everything I’ve mentioned above.  PR agencies work with different clients in all types of industries to create PR campaigns.  I would have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients on a regular basis.  My day to day would be different, which I think I would really enjoy.  For some additional information regarding PR agencies, check out PR 20/20.

Writing this post has made me a little anxious about graduating, but it also has given me hope.  There are so many options within the PR field, and I look forward to future opportunities as I start my professional career.  With time, I hope I can combine my interests of PR, health and fitness so work doesn’t feel like work.    If anybody has suggestions on obtaining this goal, please share!

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