Working Out on the Road

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Last week, I joined the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) in Washington, D.C. for the PRSSA 2010 National Conference.  It was a great experience; I learned a lot and was able to see the city, too.  We learned about the importance of social media, and how it’s not necessarily our job as a PR practitioner, but rather an essential strategy within our field.  There were great speakers, including President Obama’s “media man,” Jim Margolis.  We had meet-and-greats with professionals over coffee and pastries, and dinners at classy restaurants with former Kent State PR graduates who now reside in D.C.    

Unfortunately, while consuming this valuable information and delicious food, I kind of forgot about the gym.  So, as a form of post travel motivation to get my rear back in gear, I’d like to share some ideas with you on how to continue your work out pattern while on vacation.  We’ll call this trial and error — I learned what not to do on my trip, so let’s help you (and me) learn what to do on your next vacation to continue your work out pattern and healthy habits.

 Bring a work out DVD

  • DVDs are light and won’t take up much room in your bag

    Compliments of Google Images

  • It mixes up your work out
  • You can get a work out in without even leaving your hotel room

I have recently fallen in love with Jillian Michaels’ DVDs after trying out her 30 Day Shred.  It’s one DVD with three different levels of work outs, each lasting 20 minutes.  Yes, only 20 minutes!  But, I promise, you will feel it the next morning.  Check out her site.  There’s a lot of valuable information to help you reach your health and fitness goals. 

Hit the hotel’s gym and/or pool

  • Try out the different equipment that your gym may not have 
  • Swimming is a great work out because you use your whole body, plus it’s fun 
  • Hit the gym with someone who’s on vacation with you —  it’s always easier to work out with a buddy

 An additional cardio activity that most people take part in while on vacation is walking.  So, if you really can’t stand visiting the gym while you’re on vacation, try walking to your destinations as opposed to taking a taxi or a bus. 

Eat as healthy as you can

  • If you’re eating fast food, try restaurants like Subway or Panera Bread
  • Bring healthy snacks to prevent yourself from overeating because you’re starving

Choosing the foods you eat wisely will help you maintain your healthy lifestyle, but it will also help you feel your best.  Often times your body goes into a slight shock when you’re away on a trip.  If you continue your normal eating, drinking and working out habits, it will help you adapt to your temporary vacation home. 

If you follow these tips it will help you stay in shape while you’re away.  It only takes 3 days to fall behind in your work outs.  Don’t let this totally freak you out though.  Once you get back into your normal routine you can work your way back up fairly quickly.

Keep in mind that you are on vacation.  Chances are you’ll only be on this vacation once, so don’t forget to treat yourself.  If you want dessert, have it.  Just don’t overdo it every day.  Don’t stress yourself out by trying to stick to your exact work out plan.  It’s OK to have relaxed work outs for a week or so while you’re gone.

If you’re interested in how PRSSA Kent’s trip to D.C. went, check out the School of Journalism and Mass Communications website, or our blog.


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